Why 3C?

According to labor market statistics, 80% of people who leave their job because they don’t fit in with other people. We understand this important fact and as a result have crafted a personalized and consultative approach to tackle this problem head on. Our goal in working with our clients means more to us than just glancing at potential candidate resumes. We work closely with our clients to understand their corporate culture, values, and work environment to source the best suited talent.

3C serves as a hub for your employment solutions. With over 10+ years of combined industry experience, our dedicated account managers screen and filter candidates using our personalized and consultative approach to ensure we fill the talent gaps within your organization.

Integrated Talent Reserve and Value For Your Business

You can rely on us to send you qualified candidates because 3C adheres to a strict qualifying criteria as well as direct interactions before the candidate is included in our integrated talent reserve. Our dedicated account managers go into the field and interact with talent in real time. We are always on the hunt for the best skills and talent, and continue to expand our integrated talent reserve to serve as the ultimate source for businesses such as yours.

Our Dynamic Talent Sourcing Strategy Is At The Heart Of 3C!

We believe in sourcing talent from its richest source; out there in the real world through interactivity. Our sourcing strategy involves popular job fairs, top colleges and universities, industry-specific networking events, and more. The dedicated account managers at 3C are committed to doing their due diligence when it comes to qualifying candidates to be included into our integrated talent reserve. We send our team to industry-specific networking events, colleges and universities, as well as other venues where the richest talent pools are available. Through our strict candidate qualifying criteria as well as one on one interactions with our candidates, we will provide you the right talent for your business.

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